“Starers 2”

Oil painting on canvas

24×24 inches.

Some of us may remember such a phenomenon as the Cold War.
This artwork is an interpretation of the subject.


“Prisoners Of Desire”

Oil painting on canvas

40×30 inches.

An eternal entanglement in the web of desires is a part of our existence as human beings. Can we ever free ourselves?


“The Abbey Road Trip”

Oil painting on canvas

24×30 inches.



“The Birth Of Righteous Selfishness”

Oil painting on canvas

20×48 inches.

There is a kind of selfishness that can be called righteous.

This is especially true when it comes to the world of art.

When an artist does something for others, in the sense that he/she is trying to please others,  but doesn’t enjoy his/her actions in the process of achieving the goal, most likely the outcome of such an approach will be mediocre at best.

On the other hand, if an artist has a vision of his/her own and strives to bring it to life despite what other people might think or want, he/she has better chances of creating a masterpiece, thus satisfying his/her creative desire and possibly pleasing others as well with the creation.

Artist must be selfish when it comes to his/her own art.



Oil painting on canvas

20×16 inches.

Alcohol. It gives power with one hand, squeezes out life juices with another.


“The Sea In The Fish”

Oil painting on canvas

30×30 inches.

Don’t you see?

There’s the sea

In the tiniest fish

In the sea.