The Stones Are Rolling 2016 30x24 alex lavrov

“The Stones Are Rolling”

30″ X 24″



A Hat On Your Head 2016 16x20

“A Hat On Your Head”

Oil painting on canvas

16×20 inches

A tribute to useful parasites.

      The Transformations Of Werechicken 2016 48x36

“The Transformations Of Werechicken”

Oil painting on canvas

48×36 inches

The infinite internal battle of two polarities – fear and it’s opposite.

The eternal game that take place between the inner chicken and the inner man,

only one will become a king.

Who will reside on the throne of the psyche? 

Wind Master 2016 20x28 framed

“Wind Master”

Oil painting on canvas
20×28 inches

“It blows!”, the master thinks.
And it does.

Harpy 2016 22x28 framed


Oil painting on canvas
22×28 inches

It loves and hates.
It gives and takes.
It wants your heart
To eat