“The Jest Of Life”

Oil on Canvas, 24″ X 30″


You play, you laugh.
You have great fun.
Then you’re knocked down,
Face hits the ground.
The jest of life.
You shake your head,
You look around.
It’s safe! You’re up and back
On the playground.
The jest of life.
You play, but cautiously.
Your laughter isn’t loud.
And then you find yourself again
With heavy bruises on the ground.
The jest of life.

“3rd Eye”

Oil on Canvas, 14″ X 14″

Polluted air,
GMO produce,
Poisonous ideologies.
Inevitability of mutations.
Consider yourself lucky
If you only get a 3rd eye!



Oil on Canvas, 30″ X 24″

The pulling force
Of the universe.
How can a speck like me
Resist your authority?!



Oil on Canvas, 20″ X 24″

Shhhhh… Quiet!
No need to fight.
No need to run.
It’s over now.


“Made-up Entities”

Oil on Canvas, 30″ X 30″

I made you in my own image,
Into your lungs I breathed new life.
Your face displays a happy grimace.
You flap your wings, you ache to fly,
But surely you will disappear
The moment you are out of sight.



Oil on Canvas, 11″ X 14″

The dripping wax
from two
burning candles.
Set side by side
Fuses into one
gently caressed
by a dim light.


Mirror Into The Psyche

Oil on Canvas, 18″ X 14″

I look into your eyes
To see myself
Hiding from the light
Of your essence.


“Just A Tree”

Oil on Canvas, 20″ X 24″

Just a tree
in the wind



Oil on Canvas, 20″ X 30″

Standing all around,
Chattering non stop.
The mass of flesh and bones.
The ever restless mob.





Thought Bubbles

Oil on Canvas, 18″ X 24″

I catch the thoughts,
The floating bubbles,
Arrange them
In coherent strings.




Self Isolation


Oil on Canvas, 36″ X 24″

Surrounded by intangible walls
In my self-constructed prison
I can hear the nature’s voice
Humming the song of freedom.





Oil on Canvas, 20″ X 24″

Falling again.
Like a cat
I twist and turn
To land on my feet.



“The Snail”

Oil on Canvas, 20″ X 30″

At a very slow pace,
The evolution of the psyche
is taking place.


“The Mind”

Oil on Canvas, 20″ X 28″

Many flowers blossom
In the garden of life.
The boundless fragrance
Fills the bottomless mind.




Oil on Canvas, 30″ X 30″

Ow… ow… ouch!
The mind reflected
The screams of the body
Stiffened by neglect.


“The Ancient Brainwash”

Oil on Canvas, 16″ X 20″

Can hundreds and hundreds of years
Of brainwash that is deeply entrenched
In my mind and in those of my peers
Be recognized and erased?



“The Blind Leading The Blind”

Oil on Canvas, 18″ X 24″

They feed you lies and fairytales,
Planting nonsense in your head.
Watch out! Or you might end up
With crippled mind or simply mad.



“Extinct Ideas”

Oil on Canvas, 20″ X 28″

Swarms of ideas come to life.
Most sink into oblivion.
Few grasp the heads of millions,
But none for long survives.




States Of Mind

Oil on Canvas, 30″ X 24″

From one state to another
I hop in a frog-like grace.
Exhausted by a hundred leaps
Limp back to the starting place.





Oil on Canvas, 22″ X 28″

A mystery that dwells
Within one’s brain.
A riddle to be solved.
A challenge for the brave.
…or for the mad?