Art is the means to satisfy my creative hunger, to release my inner flow of colors and shapes and transfer it to a canvas. I look at the outcome on the canvas like at my reflection in the mirror and wonder what it is all about. Art is the tool I use to solve the “mystery of the self”, uncover the deep secrets of my subconscious.

I work mainly with oil paints on canvas. My dominant styles are Cubism, Expressionism, Surrealism, and Symbolism or a mixture of these. I also appreciate humor and it can be seen in some of my works as it shines through ever so subtly.

Most of the artworks are done in full or half improvisational styles. Fully improvisational way means there is no predetermined path for the creative process, no image in the head of what the painting is going to look like. Half improvisation means that there is a vague idea or an approximate goal in mind, but there is no definite path to get to that point.