Recent artworks


Oil on Canvas, 30″ X 30″

Ow… ow… ouch!
The mind reflected
The screams of the body
Stiffened by neglect.

“The Ancient Brainwash”

Oil on Canvas, 16″ X 20″

Can hundreds and hundreds of years
Of brainwash that is deeply entrenched
In my mind and in those of my peers
Be recognized and erased?



“The Blind Leading The Blind”

Oil on Canvas, 18″ X 24″

They feed you lies and fairytales,
Planting nonsense in your head.
Watch out! Or you might end up
With crippled mind or simply mad.



“Extinct Ideas”

Oil on Canvas, 20″ X 28″

Swarms of ideas come to life.
Most sink into oblivion.
Few grasp the heads of millions,
But none for long survives.