A collaboration with Lorin Drexler

I’m excited to announce my recent collaboration with Lorin Drexler (Instagram @gen_society), American poet, musician, songwriter, performer, producer, and novelist. Officially it was a collaboration, but actually Lorin did all the work:) I just supplied the images of my artworks and Lorin wrote a surreal, maybe even “cubistic”, if I may apply this term here, poem inspired by them.
Sometimes as I read it I’m mesmerized by the mental imagery that it produces in me and sometimes it puts me into a deep reflective state.

Please have a look!


peering into the hourglass
i’ve found you once again
spinning inside me like
a diamond in a storm
moments before it gets
thrusted into the mud
drawing up names
and unknown faces that seem to think they
know who you are
like an artificial intelligence system you’ve created
and programmed to
recreate its character each
time it activates like sleep to a new day
with code that looks virtually
the same at a glance
but like the universe
is the difference
that makes everything individual
and unique
making you never the same
as you once were

i wake
and there you are
bouncing up and down
forgiving me and threatening me for all the
wild hallucinatory figments that pull you by
emotion like an endless wheel in what feels like
a never-ending time
water trickling into a ceremonial fountain
through a starry-eyed night
speaking through metaphorical hieroglyphs rather than
whispering solemnities of truth
fears like dreams of murder or suicide
anything that might hold meaning
alongside the random and absurd
things you struggle to connect

more things that will never make sense
or do much for your
awakened life
the one you wish were a dream
the one the dream wishes were you
and as the system recreates itself once again
to be its greatest invention
the day which once felt sour and impossible
has now been understood and brought out from darkness
new life that fully understands itself
in both its deteriorative processes and
in its progression

you’ve been given a second chance
at life and in death
not knowing you even had a first
don’t mess it up




A collaboration with Reason8


I’m very excited to announce my collaboration with the Canadian designer and manufacturer of custom made tables Reson8 Imagery (@reson8imagery).

The company produces high quality tables with custom imagery using innovative technology.

You can pick any design available in their collection or provide your own.

My artworks are a part of the exclusive Signature collection and can be viewed

and ultimately be used as a design for a custom table (or a wall art) on my profile page.

For more information please visit their website

Thank you very much! 🙂


Recent Artwork




Oil on Canvas, 20″ X 24″

Falling again.
Like a cat
I twist and turn
To land on my feet.